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About Us

Mava® Sports is a company built by athletes, for athletes, who want to maximize their workouts. 

We are you!

We work hard and expect our products and equipment to keep up with us.

For years, we struggled to find the right workout glove that we could take to war with us during our training sessions. A glove that wouldn’t bunch up mid-session or get in the way of our workout.  A glove that we could rely on to push our bodies to their full potential. No matter what we tried, we never could find that right combination of comfort, durability, and safety.

This is how the Mava® glove (patented) was born. At Mava®, we believe that our glove will forever change the way you work out. Perfect for Cross Training and traditional weightlifting as well as powerlifting, our glove will solve all of your past frustrations, making you feel invincible during your workout.

But athletes, lifters and runners need more than gloves. They need something that protects their joints against potentially serious and debilitating injuries. We believe in responsible workouts which means ensuring you’re fully protected against injuries before you are off for the next WOD or HIIT.

And this is how the Mava® Knee Wraps, Knee Sleeves and Wrist Wraps and were born. We designed them for increased support and stability, ensured that they're comfortable and made them heavy-duty so they can keep up with your sessions.

But what happens when you want to train in style, keep your gear safe or tend to your sore muscles?

Well, we created our Mava® Headbands so that you can add more personality to your training sessions. And we made sure our Mava® Waterproof Dry Bags will keep your belongings safe and dry. Last but not least, to tend to those sore muscles or to boost your warm-up we designed our very own Mava® Muscle Roller.

We stand by all of our products. All Mava® Sports gear comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you dislike our products for any reason at all, get your money back - no questions asked. 

What do you have to lose?


Remember, if you have any suggestions (the best ones get a discount coupon!), questions or concerns, you can always find us at